Match Report: LOSS Supernova 4 (5-6) Trojans 3

By Mark Paxton The wheels had come off the fourth team’s rollercoaster recently, so they were looking to get back on track with a match at home to Trojans 3. The Trojans team were a mixture of experienced players and some promising youngsters, meaning it was likely to be an exciting game. After a slow start, Trojans took an […]

Match Report: LOSS Supernova 3 (6-7) Bec 4


By Nicola Gordon Supernova 3 were looking beautiful in their new kit after last week’s kit delivery – smart and raring to go! The team of course had not over indulged in the festive season’s eating and drinking *ahem* and therefore were at the peak of their fitness, having of course kept up with exercise throughout […]

Match Report: LOSS Supernova 1 (20-21) Croydon 2

By Harry Low/John Coughlan Supernova’s first team came tantalisingly close to back-to-back wins as they succumbed to one-goal defeat against Croydon 2 for the second time in 4 weeks. In the early stages both divisions seemed settled and balanced, putting up some well-crafted shots and working hard to stifle the Croydon attack. Ingmar and Sian […]