Supernova Celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary!


Last Saturday saw 74 Novans from the past three decades, don their bow ties and cocktail dresses to celebrate 20 years as central London’s korfball club! The party was held at Rocket restaurant near Bank and was themed as a ‘County Fair’ with some fairground amusements, expertly created by the organising committee. We had a drinks reception followed by a three […]

Supernova Summer Training


Supernova summer training kicks off on Wednesday 6th July 2016. This is your chance to dust off your trainers and stretch those muscles before the season begins in September. For new players, come along and give korfball a go! Last summer we had loads of new players trying summer korf before joining the club at the […]

Match Report: LOSS Supernova 4 (5-6) Trojans 3

By Mark Paxton The wheels had come off the fourth team’s rollercoaster recently, so they were looking to get back on track with a match at home to Trojans 3. The Trojans team were a mixture of experienced players and some promising youngsters, meaning it was likely to be an exciting game. After a slow start, Trojans took an […]

Match Report: LOSS Supernova 3 (6-7) Bec 4


By Nicola Gordon Supernova 3 were looking beautiful in their new kit after last week’s kit delivery – smart and raring to go! The team of course had not over indulged in the festive season’s eating and drinking *ahem* and therefore were at the peak of their fitness, having of course kept up with exercise throughout […]

Match Report: LOSS Supernova 1 (20-21) Croydon 2

By Harry Low/John Coughlan Supernova’s first team came tantalisingly close to back-to-back wins as they succumbed to one-goal defeat against Croydon 2 for the second time in 4 weeks. In the early stages both divisions seemed settled and balanced, putting up some well-crafted shots and working hard to stifle the Croydon attack. Ingmar and Sian […]