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Match Report: Supernova 5 (0) - Woking 2 (8), 25/11/2012

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Boys:- Ben Kelly, David Slater, Elliott Barrass, Rob Will Winn
Girls:- Natalie Welsh, Alison Craig, Lexy Moore, Sian Halcrow, Jenny McGovern
So Sunday saw Supernova 5 making a welcome return to action for their first competitive game since playing Croydon on the 14th October.  It couldn't get tougher as they faced off against league leaders Woking 2 who were unbeaten this season.  We were a couple of players down so luckily Sian and RWW stepped up to the plate to help the 5ths out. 

From the outset it was obviously going to be a tough game with Woking looking every inch like the league leaders they are. Their passing was crisp and the ball flowed round the court well.  Supernova 5 defended valiantly, with Ben Kelly putting in some impressive interceptions, but unfortunately Woking soon started notching up the goals.  The 5ths in return tried working out attacks and shots were going up but unfortunately they just weren't falling and come the halftime whistle SN5 had yet to notch up a point.

The situation didn't change much in the 2nd half and the main point of interest was when Sian went down wrestling with 2 men only to end up injuring her knee.  Cometh the hour, cometh the woman and Jenny McGovern stripped down to her kit to come back onto the pitch to take Sian's place. 

Sadly nothing could stop the green tide and the game finished 8-0.  To put this into context the same Woking team had put 20 passed Mitcham 2 in their previous game and 13 passed the 4ths earlier in the season so keeping them down to only 8 goals is an achievement in itself.  Special mention should go to Lexy making her Supernova debut and Alison making a welcome return in her first game of the season.

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