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Match Report: Bromley 1 (13) - Supernova 4 (5), 13/01/2013

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Bromley v Supernova 4

Boys:- Joe Carroll, Ben Kelly, Andy Cosstick, Ian Riddell
Girls:- Cat Evans, Natalie Welsh, Eloise Aspinall

So, despite Chairman Drew's pleading we were unable to rustle up another girl and so had to play with a division of three.  So we set out with Andy, Eloise and Ben starting in attack in a three and Cat, Ian, Natalie and I in defence.

The atmosphere was hot as we set out for the start, though that might just have been the sauna like conditions in the ground.  Facing us was a youthful team who all looked sharp in the warm up.  So we were expecting quite a torrid time and it didn't start well as Ian's opponent showed some magic and popped in a quick couple of long distance shots with an aplomb beyond his years.  Switching round didn't help much either and, despite some stern defending from our division of three, another couple of Bromley goals sailed through the korf.  This wasn't looking good and the sweat on our brows wasn't just from the heat in the hall.  

Fortunately Ben decided that enough was enough and popped in a good long shot to take the score to 4-1 to Bromley.  We hoped that this would spur a recovery but unfortunately this only seemed to rile Bromley and they put in three more before half time and we headed into the half time break 7-1 down.  

With coach Brooker away giving his wisdom to the thirds, the duty fell to me to give my advice to the team.  I tried my best to fill in and whatever I did obviously worked as Ben banged in his second just after the restart (yes Ben I'm taking credit for that goal as I told you to do that).  Sadly this was just as quickly followed by another Bromley goal, then another and another and we ran through the change overs in quick succession.  

The game slowed slightly as even our young opponents tired in the heat of the hall.  A lot of shots went up from both sides but nothing seemed to drop, until Ben stuck in yet another long shot and Andy followed this with a rather unconventional running in shot.  This took the sore to 10-4 and we seemed to be starting a mini-comeback.  Sadly it wasn't to be and Bromley sunk another 3 before Ben sank yet another long shot at the end to take the final score to 13-5.  

On the face of it the score was quite disappointing but I have to say I was very proud of the performance put in.  We knew that it was always going to be difficult being a player down and, having lost the first half 7-1, to come back and play a 6-4 second half showed a lot of resilience.  The division of three worked really hard and were not only strong in attack but put in some really good work in defence as well.  We all left the field incredibly sweaty but very happy with a fun game against good opposition.

Again I'll be awarding my 'not every week man of the match award' for this game.  It's got to go to Ben really who with 4 goals led the way with some excellent long range shooting.  Next up for the 4ths an away trip to top of the table Woking 2.

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