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Match Report: Supernova 3 (10) - Nomads 4 (16), 13/01/2013

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Overall, Nomads 4 had a team of very mixed ability, with some very strong boys. Especially Chris's opponent was very strong. Overall, SN3 played really well and were never far off the score of Nomads, until 10 minutes before the end. 

Division: Chris, Steve G, Toni, Joanna
This division put up an impressive fight, especially, as said before, because Chris' opponent was very strong. Chris still managed to score a few on him. After a couple of goals from that opponent, Steve started showing some very good switching action, which prevented him from scoring too many more. Toni was in very good form. After two of her shots got fouled by her player (twice resulting in a penalty), she managed to get a running-in and a long range shot in in the second half. The division worked very well together. Joanna had a couple of very good runs and generally kept her girl on her toes. 

Division: Marky P, Dan, Lucy, Abby
The other division managed really well as well. There was a very good structure, for which Lucy should take strong credit, always following-up on her shots and making sure there was someone under the post. She was rewarded with a running-in shot late in the game. Marky-P, next to scoring a goal made quite a few interceptions. Dan scored two beautiful long-range shots, and Abby put a lot of pressure on her girl. 

All in all a very nice performance from the thirds although they did let the game go in the last 10 minutes.
Also congrats to Chris who is currently in 4th position for most goals scored in London League 2

score: SN3 10 - 16 Nomads4 

Mark (1), Dan (2), Lucy (1), Abby
Chris (4), Steve G, Toni (2), Joanna

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