We are very lucky at Supernova to have an international korfball player as our Squad Coach – Dinos Tritsarolis. Dinos started playing korfball in 1997, playing for Greece and Great Britain youth. He’s been our squad coach for the last few years, alongside playing for the Ireland national team in his spare time! Check out Dinos in action in this video.

Dinos is responsible for picking the squad at trials at the start of the year, managing the first and second teams, coaching at squad sessions once a week and picking the teams for matches. His experience is invaluable in developing our top teams, now competing with some of the best in the London leagues. We’re very lucky to have him and whenever Ireland are playing, we’ll be in the pub shouting him on!


Coaching for our third, fourth and fifth teams happens through our more experienced squad players. Each session builds on the last, focusing on specific areas of defence, attack and more detailed playing technique. We also come together every week on Wednesdays at our club sessions, which is a good chance to put in action skills learnt at team training sessions.