If you are interested in coming along to one of our training sessions, or just have a general enquiry about Supernova, please email us at info@supernova.org.uk. For information about joining the club, check out this page. You can also find us on facebook, instagram and twitter!

Each year, we elect a committee of members to lead the club and take forward various aspects of responsibility. Contact each of our current committee below:

Chair – Sarah Kirk – (chair@supernova.org.uk)
Vice-President – Joe Carroll

Secretary – Abby Hand (secretary@supernova.org.uk)
Treasurer – Lizzie Meakin – (treasurer@supernova.org.uk)

Media – Stephanie de la Haye

Fixtures & Halls Secretary – James Winder – (fixtures@supernova.org.uk)

Referee Secretary – Dan Mercer – (referees@supernova.orguk)

Development and Diversity Officer – Tommy Soppitt – (info@supernova.org.uk)

Development and Diversity Officer – Helen Carter – (info@supernova.org.uk)

Social Secretary – Georgina Russell (teamreps@supernova.org.uk)

Social Secretary – Dan Berg (teamreps@supernova.org.uk)