By Femke de Jong

As third team prepared to play on Supernova Super Sunday, we watched the first team lose, and then the second team confidently win their match. We were full of hope to repeat our second team’s efforts.  With a new Supernova 3 team compared to last years including 4 new players, James Petrou-Nun, Joe Chapman, Andre Fernando and Louise St Pierre making their Supernova debut, we were eager for a good start of the season.

The game started with Nicola Gordon, Hannah Tapsell, James Petrou-Nun and Joe Chapman in attack and Lucy Johnson, Femke de Jong, Joe Carroll and Andre Fernando in defense. Due to the high number of new players, we were struggling to find our way on the court, however after a few attacks James managed to score a long shot. This was however soon countered by a mid-range shot from Swans. After the change of ends Swans quickly managed to score a long shot from the back. Where after Lucy managed to score a runner. Although some goals were scored it quickly came clear that we were not used to playing as a team together and although we had plenty of opportunities we failed to finish them with a goal.

We entered half time with a two all score and were told by Eiti to calm things down a bid and not to rush it. Louise came on at the start of the second half to replace Hannah. After a long struggle we were awarded a free pass which Nicola nicely finished to bring us to a 3-2 lead. However we failed to keep the lead with Swans scoring another mid-range shot. Nevertheless Andre brought us quickly back in the lead with scoring a long shot. Though this was short lived with Swans scoring a runner.  Not long after this was followed by an awesome runner scored by Joe Chapman, countered by a drop off from Swans. Feeling the nearing of the end of the game we started to play more frantic than we already did, rushing things and making more mistakes than necessary. With a score of 5 all both sides did feel the pressure to make that final goal to win their first game of the season. However without any success till the last minute in which Supernova were awarded a penalty. Joe Carroll was on the line to take the shot and the pressure was rising. The signal was blown to take the penalty … unfortunately Joe missed. The final signal was blown with the final score being 5-5. Unfortunately not bringing the win we had hoped for.