By Jenny McGovern

Nova had an early start against Bec 2 this Sunday and after the home team found a measuring tape and an extension cable, the game was ready to start. 

It began well with Nova taking a 3-0 lead thanks to goals from Neil, Anke and Jamie. The teams were then matched goal for goal, the firsts working hard under the post leaving Bec with a number of frustrating one-shot attacks. Eiti and Rachel worked liked a well-oiled machine to keep their super-speedy opponents from scoring any runners. As the half drew to a close, Jo punished her defender for dropping off for the rebound by scoring the first of her match hatrick; leaving Nova two goals up going into the break.

The second half opened with a goal from Bec but Nova responded with goals from Jamie and Jo, giving the visitors a clear 3 goal lead. This was followed by 3 unanswered goals from Bec 2 and the game was neck and neck once more. With 15 minutes to go, the score was 14-14. Bec scored to take the lead for the first time in the game. Super-sub Simon used his time on court well, adding two more to the tally but it wasn’t enough – a flagging SN1 and Bec’s shots unerringly finding the basket meant that the home team walked away winners.

A great first team performance against a good Bec2 side and it was so, so, SO close. It’s great to see! And to quote captain Anke ‘they did not see this coming’ so more of this please, team!

Rachel, Jamie (3), Ingmar (2), Eiti (1) Jo (3), Rob (2), Neil (1), Anke (2)

Subs: Simon (2), Jenny