By Nicola Gordon

Supernova 3 were looking beautiful in their new kit after last week’s kit delivery – smart and raring to go!

The team of course had not over indulged in the festive season’s eating and drinking *ahem* and therefore were at the peak of their fitness, having of course kept up with exercise throughout December.  So it felt great for all of them to be back on court and there wasn’t a single complaint about how unfit they felt… And just to make that return to korfball a feeling even better, SN3 were first up in the 10am Millwall slot, which is always a pleasure on a cold winter Sunday morning after a couple of weeks off.

The match started brilliantly with Femke putting us 1-0 up with a cheeky drop off shot after an attempt by Louise. Nova then quickly went 2-0 with Richard sinking his first long shot of the day.  Unfortunately Bec pulled one back with the a running in shot right under the post, but that quickly was answered by James who scored a lovely basketball-style shot also right under the post.  It went to 3-2 and then suddenly 4-2 with Richard putting up another great long shot.  Shortly before half time Bec were awarded a free pass which they then scored from, to make the half time scored 4-3.

After a team talk from coach Eiti, Nova unfortunately found themselves level just minutes after half time at 4-4, which was then first time we hadn’t been leading in the game.  Then came another first in the game, when Bec scored again and made it 4-5 and found themselves on top.

Despite the fact that Richard wasn’t wearing his new korfball boots he got for his birthday yesterday and instead played in his old reliable tried & tested boots, his 3rd long shot of the best of his 3 long shots which he sunk from out towards the halfway line to level the score at 5-5.  Bec came back again with a running in shot after a free pass, which Lucy answered with a mid-range equaliser.  SN3 then let in one final goal and couldn’t find an equaliser despite frantic shooting in the last few minutes.

Referee Jenny called Bec up for time wasting in the dying seconds of the game when they had a collect but didn’t put up shots de-listed having the opportunity to do so. Joe had been doing long shot after long shot but sadly they simply weren’t going in today despite his best efforts. Full time was called before SN3 could find another goal. Final score 7-6 to the away side.

Not an ideal start to the 2016 year for SN3 but things can only get better…. At least we looked fabulous in our new shirts. Style is everything after all.
Goals from the match can be seen here.