Sunday 1st February 2015, Epsom College

Report by Tom Drew

Supernova 2 limited Nomads 5 to just one goal in what was a comfortable victory for the away side.

Having been treated to a demonstration in Champagne Korfball by SN3 in the earlier match, SN2 were keen to get among the goals and put to bed increasing doubts about their ability to beat the Seconds in their forthcoming league clash.
Neil gave the Seconds the perfect start, scoring a running-in-shot and a drop-off in the first five minutes. Jo then scored from mid-distance after a good team move and Nomads scored their first and only goal of the match when Neil, sleeping off a two-day hangover, was run by his marker.
Three more runners from Neil, Lucy and Ross and a mid-range shot from Sarah completed Nova’s first half scoring.
At 7-1 at half time, the team talk centred on showing more composture when shooting and attempting to play more aggressively on the ball lines. Taking this on, Nova showed much more intensity in the second half, intercepting ball after ball and completely shutting down the Nomads attack. Captain Ross and SN3 star Sarah were particularly instrumental in stopping the opposition from creating anything.
Sadly, the Seconds were less clinical in attack and, despite creating a wealth of chances, could only score five times in the second 25 minutes. Simon scored two penalties and a running-in-shot, while Ross, SN2’s best player today, scored a long shot and took advantage of some lazy defending to score another runner.
Final score: Nomads 5 1 – 12 SN2.
Simon (3), Neil (2), Lucy (2), Marita.
Ross (3), Peter, Joanna (1), Sarah (1).