Sunday 8th March 2015, Royal Russell

Report by Mark Paxton

After last week’s 25 goal “thriller” (not that it was that thrilling for us – we lost 22-3), the fourths meandered down to Royal Russell to take on Croydon 4. A late change meant that Eiti had to play as a guest player, after playing for the firsts earlier in the day.

Our warm-up consisted of jogging up and down the side of the hall in a neat formation causing one of the watching Croydon Swans to mutter “This lot look serious”. We then ran on to the pitch and commenced our shooting warm-up at the end Croydon 4 were having their team talk, forcing them to use the other end. After all this psychological “statement of intent” (only joking, Croydon – it was a misunderstanding!), we were ready to go.

Stu put us ahead but Croydon quickly equalised. However, then we got on top. Andy and Eiti both scored to put us 3-1 up before I got a long shot and Cat T sunk a free pass with her trademark one-hand technique. At half-time, we were 5-2 up.

Croydon scored straight after the restart to bring it back to 5-3. They then got into a mix-up at their defensive restart and when it was awarded to us, Stu legged it to the post, received the ball before Croydon could react and popped it in unmarked. A penalty from me made it 7-3.

With plenty of time left, it crossed my mind that if I could have a hot streak, I might just catch Andy at the top of the fourth team goalscoring charts. However, Andy obviously read my mind and made sure I stayed in defence before popping in a late goal himself thanks to a nice pass from Francis.

So a confidence-boosting victory for the fourths. Some very solid defence from us was pleasing. Beth and Steph in particular were a very strong combo with Steph winning the ball back so many times! The fourths have finished third in the LKA 3A and have one game left which will be a play-off on 29 March against Croydon 5.

Eiti Laure Stein (1), Cat Thompson (1), Andy Cosstick (2), Francis Hemingway, Beth Roche, Steph Wood, Stuart Lorne(2), Mark Paxton (2)