Sunday 8th March 2015, Millwall

Report by Joe Carroll

Supernova 3 were busy warming up for the make or break match against Nomads 4, win and the league title was theirs, lose and it would be an impatient wait for other sides results, when the word came through that Nomads couldn’t field a legal team and we’d be awarded a 10-0 walkover win that secured us the title.

Whilst the two sweetest words in the English language are de fault, this wasn’t exactly how we wanted to win the league and it felt a little flat. Still we had the chance to play a friendly against the players Nomads did send so we were determined to at least win the friendly.

They were still a girl short so Sian decided to make up their numbers. We protested about this, it didn’t seem fair to make Nomads put up with this, they’d suffered enough without having to play with Sian. Still she bullied her way into the team and everyone was too polite to tell her she wasn’t welcome, so an 8 v 8 friendly was on.

Coach Petrie set the team the target of scoring at least 15 goals and Tim clearly had taken it seriously, as he sunk the first goal in double quick time. The second, third and fourth quickly followed before Nomads managed a reply and scored with a long shot. We managed to bag three more before Nomads youngest player managed to break passed John and score Nomads second. The final goal of the half came from Jenny, punishing Sian for dropping off too far and we went into half time 8-2 up.

Coach Petrie gave us some tips and Rhiannon came on for Jenny, and we started as quickly in the second half, as we did in the first with a quick Tom Drew goal. Things then lulled for a bit and it took an age before Nomads added their 3rd and finally our 10th goal came, in end it was Lucy who scored a medium range effort. This saw the end of Captain McLoughlin’s game as I came on for the last 10 minutes. Not to waste too much time, I popped up a medium range shot, before Matt added one, Tom added a couple and then Matt added one more to take the score to 14-3, just one short of Coach Petrie’s target.

The 15th goal came with a bare minute to go, with Cat Evans busting the target, before she busted some moves, breaking out her trade mark ‘Electric Evans Boogaloo’ goal celebration. After we change ends again Tom scored another to take the final score standing at 16-3. So, in the end it’s a shame this will be recorded as a 10-0 win, given that we had better goal difference without the walkover.

So that was it we’d won the game, and the league. Whilst we will have to wait a while for it to become official, it won’t come out until all the other sides have finished playing their games at the end of April, it’s now mathematically impossible for the other sides in the league to catch us. Next up is our last game of the season against Highbury 2, and with the thirds keen to close out the season with a win, it’s going to be a big one.

Boys Tom Drew (5), Matt Snelgar (2), John Coughlin (2), Tim McLoughlin (3), Joe Carroll (1)
Girls Jenny McGovern (1), Francesca Grave, Cat ‘Electric Boogaloo’ Evans (1), Lucy Johnson (1), Rhiannon Mohabir