Sunday 8th March 2015, Millwall

Report by Matt Forster

With your regular correspondent taking a well deserved break from the reporting front line, up steps THE INTERN!!!

Following a thrilling match by SN1 and with Dinos on the sidelines, the #pumpathon was in full flow. Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said of the opposition who mustered only 5 players before having to forfeit 10 – 0 to Supernova! That defence tho…

Not content to let the #pump die, a “friendly” began with yours truly, Jenny and Sian stepping into Woking world to even the numbers.

It began well for Supernova with Jo hitting a long shot, Harry nailing a penalty and Ross punishing tight defending with a beautiful finish from Pippa’s over pass. With the game tied at 3 – 3, up stepped Joep ‘Sniper’ Moritz for the first of many long range bullets.

Half-time saw Harry and I swap roles with Jenny replacing Jo. Picking up from where he left off, ‘Sniper’ fired in another from distance to give a 2 goal lead. A reply from Woking was quickly cancelled out by Peter before a mini-run saw Woking draw level at 6 – 6.

But there were no nerves from SN2 as they pulled away to 10 – 6 thanks to a sweet drop off from Pippa, a long shot from Ross and another two from our resident marksman. A final penalty saw Woking pull one back to finish SN2 10 – 7 Woking.

SN2 back to winning ways and looking to finish the season strong against Nomads 4 on the 29th March.

It’s been my pleasure Novans,

The Intern #pumpingtilidie #pumplyfe