Sunday 1st March 2015, Ernest Bevin

Report by Joe Carroll


Mitcham 2 fight Supernova 3 to a stalemate

Supernova 3 took to a stifling Ernest Bevin, yesterday, to take on Mitcham 2, as well as the heat. When we arrived the hall was incredibly stuffy and even with all the doors open it still remained oppressively warm throughout the game. The warning went out that if we played with the intensity and pace, that helped us beat Supernova 2 the other week, we’d be exhausted by half time.

Perhaps it was this, perhaps it was the heat or perhaps it was just complacency but we started the game quite slowly, allowing Mitcham to score first then slipping to being 3-1 down. Tom put away his first penalty of the day, after Sarah’s girl fouled her with Sarah clear through on goal, before Tom bagged another penalty to make it 3-3. This seemed to inspire the team, and our shots started dropping and we went into half time 7-3 up.

The message at half time was just to keep on doing what we were doing. Sadly Mitcham seemed to pick up the pace, scoring the first 3 goals of the half, before we managed any response. Mitcham then pegged it back to tie the game at 9 all. Before we managed to pull away again, trading goals with our opposition, and going into the last few minutes we were up 12-10. Mitcham then struck back to take it to 12-11, before they managed to tie the game with 30 seconds to go. We didn’t manage to even put up a shot, in the last few seconds we had after the restart and the thirds failed to win their first game since the beginning of January, ending a monumental 6 game winning streak.

The draw was hard fought, and, with Bromley falling to Bec 3, leaves Supernova 3 in a good position in the league. Victory over fellow title hopefuls Nomads 4, on Sunday, would see us secure the LKA2 B title. So whilst it left us a little disappointed, the draw is hopefully another step towards a league winning season.

Tom Drew (4), Tim McLoughlin (6), John Coughlin (2), Joe Carroll
Marita Smit, Lucy Johnson, Sarah Halpin, Cat Evans, Francesca Grave.