After a three week break, the fourths returned to action with a new look side against Trojans 3. Before the game, we discussed the importance of doing what we practised on Tuesday before our captain (er…that’s me) came running back saying “scrap all that – they’ve only got six players”. An emergency discussion on how to play against a short division followed. Rosie and Xanthe were given the bad news – they weren’t allowed to shoot.

Trojans may only have had six players but there was plenty of experience in their six who know how to play when short of a full team. Ian put us ahead but we were quickly 3-1 down before Ian and I tied it up at 3-3. However, Trojans got away from us and, despite a goal from Beth, we were 7-4 down at half-time.

Into the second half and Trojans scored again to pull away from us. However, Chris had come on and he pulled one back while my long shot finally began to click – it’s only taken about a year and a half. Suddenly, we were back to 10-8 down. Chris scored another one – could we get an equaliser? Sadly, time ran out and the game ended 10-9 to Trojans.

Maybe we could have passed the ball a bit better and we had a few too many shots when they had six-foot guys standing under the post. However, as that wise sage Joe said, it’s obvious how to play against three players when you are on the sideline – it ain’t that easy when you are on the pitch. However, we seemed to work things out in the second half which was very encouraging. A big thanks to Rosie and Xanthe who agreed to take the non-shooting roles for the whole game.

Xanthe Shacklock, Peter Ennals, Francis Hemmingway (sub – Chris (2)), Rhiannon Mohabir, Ian Riddell (2), Beth (1), Rosie, Mark (4)