Sunday 22nd February 2015, Millwall

Report by Harry Low

The third team claimed a richly deserved victory as they comfortably beat the second team 7-2 in Sunday’s Supernova showdown at Millwall.

The thirds won the battle not to wear bibs & it was the first of many in which they would come out on top.

Supernova 3 came racing out of the traps & it wasn’t long before Tom and John had made it 2-0. Two minutes later, the scoreline had doubled as Matt and Tim added their names to the scoresheet.

So strong was the third team defence that the seconds were unable to find a way through for the entirety of the first half.

In fact, the score stayed locked at 4-0 for nearly half an hour. Facing the ignominy of not scoring for the entire match, the seconds finally got a goal 10 minutes from the end when Jo found the korf following a collision with Marita.

That seemed to stir the thirds back into life and a flurry of goals ensued in the frantic final stages.

Tom scored his second for the thirds before a penalty from your correspondent brought it back to 5-2.

In the lowest scoring game both sides had taken part in all season, there were two late goals as Tom completed his hatrick and Tim grabbed his second of the afternoon.

A mention for the crowd, who gamely cheered on both sets of players and saw a second team outplayed for large parts of the match by their counterparts in the third team.

Thanks also to Rob Winn who referred the game with aplomb.

Tim had the added bonus of scooping the winning prize in the sweepstake, claiming more than £20 for correctly forecasting a five goal win which few could begrudge the third team.

Supernova 2:
Femke De Jong, Joanna Gati (1), Pippa Bolton, Pippa Messenger, Zoe Kennedy Harry Low (1), Joep Moritz, Matt Forster, Peter Blair, Simon Mackie
Supernova 3:
Tom Drew (3), John Coughlan (1), Sarah Halpin, Lucy Johnson
Tim McLoughlin (2), Matt Snelgar (1), Francesca Grave, Marita Smit
Subs: Cat Evans, Rhiannon Mohabir, Joe Carroll