Sunday 15th February, Millwall

Report by Joe Carroll

Supernova 3 recorded a typically high scoring win over Mitcham 2 to take it to 5 wins in a row, and 8 from 12 for the season. This left them top of the LKA2b, as well as the top scoring team in the whole of the LKA2.

The thirds took control early and took an early lead with Tim scoring the opening goal, and the team then never looked back, remaining in the lead throughout the rest of the match. This was just one of 6 goals that Tim scored in the game, helping to cement his place as top scorer for the whole of Supernova, so far, this season. It also means he’s the 2nd top scorer in the whole of the LKA2, only second behind a certain Mr. Drew.

The win was cemented with an excellent performance from the whole team, especially under the post. The majority of our goals came from rebounds, with Matt Snelgar looking especially strong in collect. With him taking several goals, as well as a hit in the unmentionables, from rebounds.

This was a solid win with good performances from the whole team, and it’s tantamount to the ambitions of the team, this year, that we ended up feeling we left some goals out on the court.

Next up for Supernova Three is a game against, well I’m ashamed to say this, a team who I don’t know much about. So if anyone can let me know anything about this ‘Soopaaa Nuuvar Tooo’. I’d be more than grateful. Seriously anything at all. Honestly this team seem to have appeared from no where, and it’s almost as if no one in the entire world of korfball have noticed them doing anything of note, ever.

Girls:- Marita Smit, Lucy Johnson, Francesca Grave (1), Sarah Halpin
Boys:- Matt Snelgar (5), Joe Carroll (2), Tim McLoughlin (6), John Coughlin (3)