By Harry Low

When Supernova’s second team loses, they usually do so twice in a row. Indeed the first time they were defeated this season – in November, ironically by Sunday’s opponents Bromley – they lost again the next week. And so it proved on Valentine’s Day 2016.

A quiet first 10 minutes were reported by chief note-taker Matt Snelgar, who made his first appearance at a Supernova function since THAT ski trip. (Unconfirmed reports suggest he may have contracted the Zika virus.)

Despite defending resolutely, Supernova’s resistance was eventually broken before Bromley doubled their lead shortly thereafter with a goal “from about a mile away”.

Supernova gunned straight for the korf following the change of ends with Neil peeling off the post after the restart and sinking his shot, to immediately reduce the deficit: 2-1.

Bromley came storming back, scoring three on the trot before Jo grabbed a fine shot almost directly in line with the post, from mid-range, before Bromley struck just before half time to make it 6-2.

Substitute Pippa scored almost straight after Simon’s half-time words of wisdom to reduce the deficit and, after your correspondent and Neil scored either side of a Bromley goal, it was 7-5 and very much game on.

It was at this point that Bromley coach Butters got worried, according to the Snelgar files, and subbed himself on. He did not score but Bromley finished strongly, bagging four unanswered goals to run out 11-5 winners and become the first side to “double” Supernova 2 this season.

The best case scenario for Supernova is now second place but fourth looks much more likely following a fourth defeat of the season. Bromley look set to march on to the title.