By Mark Paxton

The wheels had come off the fourth team’s rollercoaster recently, so they were looking to get back on track with a match at home to Trojans 3.

The Trojans team were a mixture of experienced players and some promising youngsters, meaning it was likely to be an exciting gameAfter a slow start, Trojans took an early lead before I scored to draw the scores equal. Then came the moment that the fourths had been waiting a long time for – after several attempts that had bounced off the korf, a long shot from Bobby went in for his first goal for Supernova – congratulations Bobby and very well-deserved! Trojans swiftly equalised and another successive goal saw the Away team take the lead. Nova had a few missed chances at goal before I scored again. Some fantastic collecting under the post and strong passes from Ed stopped anymore Trojans goals and the scores stayed equal at 3-3 at half-time. The team regrouped for some wise words from Neil on the sidelines.

The second half also had a quiet start before Abbey, who made plenty of fantastic interceptions throughout the game, put us in front again with a great goal.  Nova fought hard, defending the ball well and putting pressure on the opposing team, especially from Cat, Becki and Beth who kept their opponents on their toes. Despite this, Trojans scored another goal, once again drawing the scores equal. Both sides then had goals disallowed and were looking tired as the end of the game neared. Fighting back, Trojans scored twice in quick succession to make it 6-4. In response, Andy promptly sunk an outstanding long shot that went straight the korf without touching the sides, prompting cheers from the sidelines. Alas, there wasn’t enough time left to put in another attack before Sarah blew the whistle for full-time. Final score 5-6 to Trojans.

So an exciting game – the fourths have had a few of these against Trojans 3 in the last couple of years. Congrats to the fourth team who did themselves proud in this high-scoring game!

Team: Abbey (1), Becki, Andy (1), Bobby (1), Cat, Beth, Ed and Mark (2)