Supernova summer training kicks off on Wednesday 6th July 2016. This is your chance to dust off your trainers and stretch those muscles before the season begins in September. For new players, come along and give korfball a go! Last summer we had loads of new players trying summer korf before joining the club at the start of season – it’ll be lots of fun, with plenty of time to play games and get your head around the rules. And it’s free!

Our training will run through July and August, before club training kicks off again in September.If you want to play before July, we’ve got loads of summer tournaments planned over June, which are great for beginners – get in contact. 

  • Where?

Victoria Park, E3 5TB, West side of the park – directions below.

  • When?

Starting Wednesday 6th July, 7pm until everyone is ready to hit the nearest pub!

  • What?

Depending on numbers, we’ll do a mix of training drills and games but with the emphasis very much on fun – perfect for anyone wanting to try it out. This training will be free to all.

  • How do I get there?

The nearest tube station is Bethnal Green which is on the central line. A friendly Novan will be waiting outside Bethnal Green station until 6 45pm every Wednesday to meet people who aren’t sure of the route – look out for the blue and yellow hoodie.

If you want to make your own way there, you intrepid explorer you, then there’s a map of roughly where in Victoria Park we will be and the walking route from Bethnal Green.

  • Got any questions?

Drop us an email or find us on facebook and twitter!