Report by Joe Carroll

Supernova 3 secured a well earned draw against Bromley, who are always the most oxymoronic opposition, being that their players are generally both experienced, having years of korfball behind them, and youthful, and full of running. This always means we face a tricky combination of a well drilled side, who have bags of energy and a lot of talent.

We lined up against them, with 5 players new to Supernova, knowing it was going to be a tough afternoon. Defying this, we ran out to an early 3-1 lead, with some well worked play from Supernova, defying the short amount of time they’d played together. Things then settled down to a slower rhythm and only 1 more goal was scored in the half, sadly going to Bromley. Meaning 3-2 at half time.

Supernova’s discipline seemed to go awry in the second half, and we gave away 3 penalties, and we were fortunate when Bromley missed them all, then allowed them to tie the game at 4-4 all. Belying the quick start to the game, goals were slow in coming and it wasn’t until the dying minutes before the 5th, for either side came, fortunately it came to Supernova and we hoped that we could see it out for the win. Bromley had other ideas, however, and nailed a good shot in the last minute of the game, to draw the game.

Reflecting on the game, we’d have probably taken a draw before the game, against some very tough opposition, but it still felt a shame to have given up a good lead, and let them back into the game in the second half. Still, we had some very promising performances, and all our new players looked strong. So it looks likely that Supernova 3 will have a very good season.

Femke De Jong (1), Francesca Grave (1), Catherine Evans (c), Hannah Tapsell (2)

Stuart Lorne (vc), Joep Moritz, Tim McCoughlin, Peter Blair (1)