By Nicola Gordon

SN3 hoped to match the win by SN4 previously on court. 

Marita started the scoring for SN3 with a great long shot from centre court. Femke had a great running in shot and Pete was on fire with his super-long-range shots, some of which barely even touched the basket!

Joe and Hannah had a couples competition, both of them scoring long shots. James scored from almost the half way line and Lucy slipped a quick goal in at the end to complete the set.

There was some great switching between Nicola & Marita to prevent running in shots by quick Highbury girls and Nick did some gravity defying interceptions. Pete could be counted on to somehow end up collecting a shot that he’d just been defending a split second earlier, which helped hugely in our collecting and recycling of the ball for a new attack.

SN3 were always in front but had a couple of scares when Highbury scored fairly quickly after we had scored – perhaps a lapse in concentration upon a switch of ends.

Overall, great game for SN3 who were controlled and winning throughout but who need to keep focus in order to keep up the goal difference.

Final score 10-7 – great win SN3! A few of the goals on camera here. 

Team: Nicola Gordon, Femke de Jong, Lucy Johnson, Marita Smit, Pete Lindsay, Joe Chapman, James  Petrou-Nunn, Nick Jenkinson
Subs who came on: Hannah Tapsell