By Nicola Gordon

Supernova 4 started off as they meant to go on, with Richard Moorhouse scoring what might be the quickest goal in Supernova history with just 11 seconds on the clock. It was a running in shot, which was almost missed even by wife Nicola who was just starting the camera rolling.

SN4 were always ahead during the match with goal scorers evenly spread across both divisions. The team worked hard on what they’d learned in training including “running the block” and at one point Richard found himself under the post in feed with a girl on each side waiting to take the feed from him.

Play was interrupted due to Stu’s broken glasses. How many Supernovans does it take to fix broken glasses? 3 including the referee apparently… Thanks to Joe Carroll for saving the day and enabling Stu to see again!

There was a lovely running in shot from Stu, another running in shot from Richard, and a mid-range shot off the back from Nikki amongst others. New ‘novan Bobby made his first start. Lots of passing and it was a calm and controlled game. Final score 9-3 to Supernova 4… A comfortable win – well done!

A few of the goals on camera here. CT2W6K6XIAEkLj_

Team: Richard Moorhouse, Joe Carroll, Stu Lorne, Bobby Saunders, Pippa Messenger, Becki Fish, Louise St Pierre, Abbey Fewell
Subs who came on: Tom Keeling & Nikki Wernham