By Mark Paxton

The fourths found the sports hall at Ernest Bevin a bit tricky to find. After a bit of fence-climbing from certain team members, we did achieve eight players – unfortunately, only three were of the male variety. That meant that Jules, Rose and Rich had to play as a three. 

Never mind – in the first half, we were pretty awesome. Jules put us ahead to start. Stu won a penalty which I converted. I got another one, before Rich and Stu both scored. At half-time, we were 5-2 up and it was all looking good. Although the moment when I threw the ball against our own basket trying to play it out of defence was not a high point…

At half-time, Rich was very keen to point out the division of three had not conceded a  goal . . . yeah . . . yeah . . . whatever Rich . . .

Becky came on for Nicki at half-time and for a while it looked like the glory times would continue. Stu and Rich both scored and Supernova were 7-2 up. However, the magic beans that Mitcham had taken at half-time began to kick in and they fought back in style. Despite another goal from Stu, suddenly, it was only 8-6 to us. Both sides had chances in the final 10 minutes and it would have been very nervy if one of their shots had gone in. In the end, the ref blew the final whistle to signify much Nova relief and the fourths’ first win of the season.

Well done to the division of three who were terrific! And thanks to Mitcham who kindly lent us a ball for the warm-up.

Team: Rose, Jules (1), Rich (2), Nicki, Becky, Georgia, Stuart (3), Mark (2)