Two match reports this time- lucky us!

By Harry Low

A second successive victory for Supernova’s second team means they now sit top of the table following a 9-3 triumph over Bec 4.

Captain Tom got the ball rolling before your correspondent doubled the lead following a long period of pressure. Jenny extended the visitors’ lead further still before Bec grabbed a goal just before half time to make it 3-1, concluding a low-scoring first 25.

The second half started as the first had finished with a Bec goal but it was the last the hosts would score for some time. After the referee chided Tom for his long ball, which was judged to be “getting a bit dangerous”, debutant Hannah restored the two-goal cushion before John scored his third goal of the season on the eve of what would prove a memorable birthday.

Matt Snelgar’s “proper basketball shot” made it 6-2 before Tom popped up with his second of the afternoon as Supernova went 7-2 up. After a third Bec goal, Sarah and John both registered their fourth goals of the season before the referee’s whistle sounded to end the game.

Dominant in defence, the team were quick to acknowledge the room for improvement in their attacking play. Some experts have already expressed the well-worn sentiment which suggests the mark of a good team is one which plays poorly and wins and, in this case, relatively comfortably too.

A special mention for Catherine on an excellent start to her Supernova career. She joined a select group of Novans to make their debut against the club from which they joined.

With just three goals conceded, the team will be full of confidence ahead of their next London League 2 fixture against a Highbury 3 side yet to register a win (ATOW).

By Jenny McGovern

This week SN2 had their second fixture of the season against Bec 4. It was an overcast day and an even more overcast hall (only three quarters of the vaguely orange lights were working) and maybe this set the tone for the game. Nova 2 dominated possession in the opening half but struggled to find the form that had driven their runaway victory against Nomads 4 a fortnight before. Nevertheless, great defence and determined attack meant SN2 were leading comfortably going into the half-time break. The team talk emphasised the need to slow down and take shots from closer to the basket.

The second half started with some good, controlled korfball from the seconds and this was by far the best period of the match for the Supernova side. SN2 never looked in danger but couldn’t get the shots to drop and over time frustration turned into mild panic which meant lots of stray balls and a few too many one-shot attacks.

A victory for SN2 and a 100 percent record so far this season. Great opening matches from Hannah and Catherine! Special mention to the ‘super-interceptors’ Matt and Sarah.

Matt (1), John (2), Sarah (1), Jenny (1)

Tom (3), Harry (1), Hannah (1) and Catherine