By Joe Carroll

Supernova 4 completed the double over Mitcham 2, with a 9-2 victory at Milwall.  However it was far from the plain sailing the scoreline suggests, as the 4ths struggled to score for much of the 1st half.

The 4ths had last met Mitcham 2 on the opening day of the season, when we eventually won 8-7, with a late couple of goals.  So we were expecting a tough game, but we proved to be our own worst enemies, spurning a number of good scoring opportunities.  We were defending well, and creating good attacking opportunities, but the ball just didn’t want to go through the korf.  It was a good 5 minutes before we saw the first goal of the game, with Joe showing a rare burst of energy to come through with a running in shot.  Mitcham leveled up soon afterwards which finally gave the other division a turn in attack.  Matt quickly scored, but it was the final goal of the half and we went in with a narrow 2-1 lead.

We got a sip of water, fresh legs with Pete and Francesca coming on for Karl and Beth respectively, plus advice from Coach Stein, we returned to the court determined to add to our small lead.  It all obviously worked, as the goals suddenly seemed to flow.  Matt added another, followed by 2 from Abbey, and 1 from both Lucy and Becky, pushing us to 7-1 lead before Mitcham could provide any answer, as they scored another to make it 7-2.  However any chance of Mitcham making a late recovery took a serious knock when one of their boys badly sprained their ankle and had to leave the court, forcing them to play on with just 7 players.

Francesca and Becky added a goal each, both sprinting passed their opponents to put in running in shots, which gave us a final score of a 9-2 win to us, at the final whistle.

The win meant we remained at the top of the league, and with our 100% start to the season intact.  Next up for Supernova 4 is Nomads 5.

First attack: Joe Carroll (1), Karl Naylor, Beth Roche, Abbey Fewell (2)

First defence: Matt Forster (2), Lucy Johnson (1), Becky Fish (2), David Reed

Subs: Pete Shutt, Francesca Grave