By Inne Nauwelaers

On the first Sunday of November with the weather turning cold, Supernova 4 needed some time to warm up before everything was running smoothly, but the 4th team did what it had to do and won with 9-6 from Nomads 5.

The game started with suspense with only three boys ready and no subs for either boys or girls. Our 4th boy busted through the doors on the moment ref Harry Low was drew his breath to start the game. Just in time for a fair game with only two free passes and no penalties. It was a battle between the young and slightly less young, the energetic versus the experienced.

During the first half, the 4th team kept defence tight and Nomads only managed to score 4 goals, mostly shots from afar by the old hands of their team. Supernova definitely had more chances and scored 6 goals in that first half, although it could have been way more. During the break, Coach Timmy Mac heartened the team by pointing out how well our defence was, but kept our feet on the ground explaining how to get a better grip on our collect for longer attacks and more chances. After the break, there was a period of total goal silence. There were many good shots, top of the basket, but they were just not going in. Once the 7th goal for Supernova 4 fell in, the game gained some momentum once again and another two goals for Supernova and two for Nomads brought the end score to 9-6.

Supernova 4 clearly came out on top and had a fun game. Next week, Supernova 4 is taking on Croydon 5 at Millwall to hopefully continue the good work with another win.

First attack: Becki Fish, Rose Bailey (1), Mark Paxton and Joe Chapman (2).
First defence: Francesca Grave (1), Inne Nauwelaers (2), David Reed (1) and Karl Naylor (2).