By Mark Paxton

While some korfball enthusiasts were focusing on Antwerp where Holland were beating Belgium in the Korfball World Championships final, the main game of last Sunday was of course at Trinity School with Supernova 4 duking it out with the promising youngsters of Bromley 2.

Some of the fourths had a bit of trouble finding the hall but we did manage to start with eight players while our subs arrived a little later. I also used my list of korfball acquaintances to borrow a warm-up ball from Highbury.

Bromley’s first attack seemed to last about two minutes which made me think that it was going to be a long day. Fortunately, they didn’t score from it and the Nova veterans began to turn up the heat. Marita banged in three goals while Rich got a couple and Joe got one after I distracted his defender (although if you watch the video on Facebook, all you see is the ball going in the basket…darn it!). Bromley kept plugging away and they managed three goals in the first half so it was 6-3 to us at half time.

Coach Nicola’s half-time team talk included the handy tip of jumping in the air while we were collecting. Suitably encouraged to defy gravity, we restarted the second half but it took a while before Rich scored to give us a 7-3 lead. Cat T came on as sub and scored a trademark one-hander (although she wasn’t happy because she is trying not to do them) while both Joe and Rich got one more each. Bromley had a late flurry so it ended 10-5 to us.

So an encouraging win for the fourths. Thanks very much to Coach Nicola for coaching.

Lucy, Cat E, Rich (4), Tom K, Marita (3), Abbey, Joe (2), Mark, Cat T (1) and Bobby.