As promised the Supernova 3 match against Woking 1 proved to be a competitive event for us, with Woking being ranked second place in the top half of London Division 2 and us being slightly lower down in 7th place out of 12 but top of our half of the league.

Sunday 14th December at Millwall

Report by Cat Evans

With our opposition having a player down we had an advantage but as many of you know playing against 3 players in your division is often just confusing and the advantage is often not exploited as successfully as it could be. Not so this weekend! Joep, Femke, Peter and Marita pulled it off scoring the majority of our goals between them. Femke, being without a defender and therefore exempt from scoring, provided excellent collecting and all eligible shooters in that division contributed to the scoreboard.

Down the other end Sarah, John, Tim and I put into practice some of what we had been learning in our recent training with Coach Martin. This included a focus on the 3-0 formation. Leaping interceptions of the ball from Sarah were greeted with cheers from the side lines and Tim, another one of our consistently prolific goal scorers, achieved an impressive 5 goals.

Overall the game was nervy with neither team ever having a comfortable lead.

With Woking currently being placed slightly above Supernova 2 in this league, the final result of 12-11 to us contributes to the anticipation ahead of the Supernova 2 versus 3 showdown later in the season.

Sarah Halpin, Cat Evans,  John Coughlan, Tim McLoughlin (5),
Joep Moritz (1), Femke De Jong, Peter Blair (4), Marita Smit (2)