Sunday 14th December at Millwall

Report by Andy Cosstick

Supernova 4 overcame a slow start but never lost the lead in a solid 7-3 win against Highbury 4.

With a team who hadn’t played together much before, temporary coach Martin put Mark, Andy, Rhiannon and Zoe in first attack. All was going well at first, with Andy winning a penalty which Marky P quickly converted. However, most of the half saw frustration for the Supernova attack. Zoe was consistently running her girl, but couldn’t quite convert her shots into goals; and none of the rest of the attacks’ mid-range shots were finding the korf.
Eventually another Andy tumble to the ground won a second penalty – clinically converted again by Mark – and SN4 were 2-0 up, A quick change of ends, and some fluid attacking saw the other division set up Nicki to sink a mid-range shot making it 3-0 at half time.
Highbury decided to substitute almost half of their team at half time; the decision paying off almost immediately as Highbury supersub Gordon managed to clinch an improbably long shot – Mark was not happy! 3-1.
A quick change of ends, and Rhiannon was fouled en route to a runner – Mark converted yet another penalty to make it 4-1. Highbury responded with a nice long shot to make it 4-2 and it was all change again.
The contact kept coming, but Rhiannon converted her second free pass into a beautiful goal to make it 5-2 to Supernova. Shortly afterwards, Andy tumbled but conceded a penalty, which allowed Highbury to get within two goals at 5-3.
With a few minutes to go, Rhiannon and Andy’s first half plans finally realised as Andy sneaked a drop-off to make it 6-3 with a few minutes left. Running down the clock, Zoe won a penalty – Mark graciously offered it to Andy who converted it for the 7-3 win as the final whistle blew.
Marky P (3), Andy (2), Rhiannon (1), Zoe D
Joe C, Stu L, Nicki (1), Francesca
Cosstick on the floor score: 3