2nd November 2014 at Millwall

Report by Femke de Jong

After watching the first and second team failing to secure a win against Bec it was up to the third team to turn the tide. A short team talk and warming up later we were off with Tim McLoughlin, Peter Blair, Rhiannon Mohabir and Marita Smit in attack and Mark Paxton, Joep Moritz, Cat Evans and Femke de Jong in defence. Although we had a good start it was Bec who made the opening goal. This was followed by goals from Tim and Joep, bringing Supernova into the lead. Bec was however quick to score the equalizer. With a nice mid-range shot Marita was able to bring us back in the lead. Just before the end of the first half this was followed by a goal from Tim, making it 4-2 for Supernova at half time.

The second half was started with the instruction to score more goals than we had done in the first half. Mark Paxton promptly followed up this advice by scoring a running in shot. This was however followed by a long range shot from Bec. Any chance for Bec of taking over the lead was however quickly stopped by three goals from Tim, Marita and Femke, bringing the score to 8-3 by the time Bec managed to get a running in shot. Supernova continued building their lead by three more goals scored by Peter, Marita and Femke. Nearing the end of the game Bec scored another goal before Marita scored her fourth goal, with which she became top-scorer of the game. Unfortunately, a minute or so before the end of the game Bec managed to score one more goal bringing the final score to 12-6 for Supernova, and securing the first win of the season.

Goals scored by: Marita Smit (4), Tim McLoushlin (3), Femke de Jong (2), Peter Blair (1), Mark Paxton (1) and Joep Morritz (1).